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Our Brands


Focal is a French brand, world leader in high-fidelity solutions. Its 'Made in France' know-how has been recognised for more than 40 years.


From the most simple car audio kit to the most complete amplified system, Focal Inside is a real plug and play hi-fi audio solution for top OEMs.


A 30-year old legacy, Dr Artex is a family run business dedicated to improving the driving experience via soundproofing.


Handmade in Germany, Brax is the epitome of bespoke car audio, with an absolute 'no-compromise' approach.


Sound quality at the highest level by music lovers for music lovers, is what Helix strives for. Designed and developed in Germany by Audiotech Fischer.


Match brings real hi-fi sound into the car as simply as possible without displacing the charm of series production.


A specialist in audio electronics including amplifiers and DSPs, Soundmagus products punch far above their weight in terms of the sound quality while being excellent value.


With a car audio knowledge base spanning back to the 1980s, Xcelsus offers specialist car audio and electronics designed by a bespoke, specialist team headed by Dawid Koniarsk – the inventor of the component set.


Made in Russia sound insulation and dampening products with several decades of expertise and R&D. Available in industry-standard specifications and attractive designs.


A homegrown brand which aims to provide a wide range of thoughtfully designed and developed automotive accessories ranging from multimedia systems to speakers, electronics, lighting and accessories.


Thanks to a number of ground-breaking proprietary technologies, Tchernov has grown to be one of the most highly regarded brands on the market. Made by music lovers and audio enthusiasts, the passion is reflected in every single product.


Car Comfort Shop is a unique one-stop shop retail format with an exclusive access to our best products, CCS is a complete solution provider which offering a full range of sound insulation, audio and multimedia products.


A great range of sound insulation and vibration dampening products made in Russia with several decades of expertise behind its research and development with an excellent price to performance ratio.


Since 1955 Stebel Italia has been balancing the quality of a Horns voice with the necessary volume to be effective. A wide range horns designed in Italy, from the house of Stebel, include Car, 4x4, Truck, Bus, Motorbike and Nautical ranges.

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