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Who Are We?

We started out in the year 1996, with the vision of bringing the best global automotive brands in the industry to Indian markets.

25 years later, we are extremely proud that we have enabled millions of Indian automotive enthusiasts to elevate their experience behind the wheel and 'Drive Better'. 

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Our Story

Our journey started as a standalone auto accessories store, aptly named Add-On, located on Bangalore's JC Road - the mecca for all automotive enthusiasts craving for the latest and best automotive accessories in town.


We quickly made our name as a retailer of niche, high-end products and gained a sizeable base of loyal customers, who trusted us to bring them genuine, high-quality automotive accessories to adorn their pride and joy.

Armed with the confidence of our retail customers and their exceptional response to our products, we started to directly import high-quality accessories, specialising in high-end car audio.

In 2007, we brought the venerable Polk Audio to Indian shores, followed by brands from the house of Elettromedia USA in 2010 which included heavyweights like Audison, Hertz and Connection.

As impressive as all this was, it was not until 2017 when we really hit our stride, when we introduced the global soundproofing giant Dr Artex for the first time in India.


Dr Artex is synonymous with high-quality, soundproofing products, which are designed, developed and manufactured in Russia and is the standard against which every other soundproofing product in the market is measured against.

Since then we've added a long list of global automotive products to our bouquet, with one common thread - a great brand promise. From Focal to Helix, Dr Artex to E4Tchernov Cable to Stebel - each of our brands strives to offer a range of high-performance products that delight our customers and drive home our brand promise of 'Drive Better'.

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